Cat Grooming: Tips for Brushing and Bathing your Cat
There’s nothing like a little pampering to make your pet feel amazing and look like the star they are! Most cats naturally groom themselves frequently — you’ve probably watched as your pet gave themselves one of their daily baths. However, as tidy...
Winter is on its Way! - Tips to Keep Your Pet Warm This Winter
Brrr it's cold outside! Top Tips to Keep Your Pet Warm This Winter. The rain is setting in and temperatures are starting to drop as winter fast approaches. It’s nearly time for warm jackets, woolly socks, boots and hot chocolate drinks....
The Best Dog Friendly Beaches Across Australia
Dog Friendly Beaches Across Australia.The Beach is beckoning But where can we  take our dogs to have a swim and a play? 
The Best Dog Friendly Cafes Around Australia

More and more cafes around Australia are becoming dog friendly and here are some of Australia's best beaches..

5 Top Ways to Tell That Your Cat Likes You
Understanding your cat's secret codes and signals Cats communicate in their own special language. They can’t tell us how they’re feeling, so instead they show us. From long looks with slow blinks to loud purrs or kneading your knees, your...
Shopping for a new cat collar - key features to keep in mind
Shopping for a Cat Collar? Key features to keep in mind.