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What sounds better than the purring sound your cat makes when they trot down to give you some special attention? How about a bell on their little collar that tells everyone you are in their presence and that they are safe? Lux Pets offers the most exclusive luxury leather cat collars for your pet. Whether you are looking for unique and custom designs or handmade pieces, you can find the best for your furry friend here.

A cat collar is designed to be the ultimate accessory for your beloved pets. High-quality material such as leather can provide you with a long-lasting collar that will help prevent any discomfort to your pet. And as a pet parent, you want to make sure your kitty is always feeling comfortable and safe.

A well-designed, durable collar should fit snugly, without a lot of frills or unnecessary material. You can keep your furry friend safe and comfortable while you are playing with them and rest assured they are safe when you are not around. Our luxurious cat collars can provide you with the peace of mind of having the identification tag attached to the collar in case your cat or kitten ever gets lost.

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Cats are the masters of stealth, and a collar with a bell is an excellent solution for owners whose cat likes to sneak around the house. If you’re looking for something to prevent your cat from sneaking up on you again, you’ve come to the right place.

Cats also love attention, and a bell can make that happen. They love to be able to let people know that they are there. With Lux Pets’ collars, they will surely get that attention from you. The Lux pets’ breakaway collars come in all sizes. They are handcrafted with lightweight yet durable vegetable-tanned leather, finished with a signature gold bell & safety release buckle. These collars are available in different colours and styles. We offer hand-painted collars that are super comfortable to wear yet tough enough to keep up with the demands of an active cat.

Every cat deserves a collar as unique as his or her personality. We strive to bring curated handpicked products who want the life of luxury for their pets. At Lux Pets, we take care of style and comfort for your pet that will reflect and fit into their own lifestyle choices. Buy one for your feline friend now and let them feel that you love them by buying one here at Lux Pets.

At Lux Pets, we provide you with different types of collars available for your feline friend. You can browse the displayed products and look for your preferred style. Once your order reaches $50, you can take advantage of our free shipping within Australia. Order now and we’ll deliver the products right to your doorstep so your pets can feel fabulous and comfortable in their new collar.