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    It goes without saying that the best part of having a cat or dog is playtime! That’s why Lux Pets carries a massive range of fun and silly pet toys for at home and outdoors; all of which are made with quality materials to ensure your furry friend doesn’t rip them apart within an hour of adding them to your collection.

    Not only are pet toys fun, but they’re actually very important to your pet’s mental wellbeing – especially dogs. Many behavioural problems in dogs are the result of boredom or excess energy.

    At Lux Pets, our dog toys offer mental and physical stimulation, and enrichment for your puppy. It can prevent your pet from getting bored when you have to leave them at home, and it provides comfort when they are feeling nervous.

    Directing your dog’s energy towards playing with toys can also help to resolve common problems that no pet owner likes to deal with, such as digging and chewing on furni...

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