Lux Pet Designer Dog toys

Many behavioural problems in dogs are the result of boredom or excess energy. For dogs and other pets, toys are not just a luxury, but a necessity essential to your dog's well-being. At Lux Pets, our dog toys offer mental and physical stimulation and enrichment to your puppy. It can help your pet fight boredom when you have to leave them at home, and provide comfort when they are feeling nervous. Directing your dog's energy into play with toys can prevent or help resolve such problems as digging and chewing on furniture, shoes or shrubbery which you don't like to happen.

Designer Dog Toys Online at Lux Pets

  • Balls and throw sticks - our Ruff Play Tennis Balls are high-quality tennis balls for fun catch and chase games. 
  • Stuffed toys - Our toys will give you endless pup hours of a fun play. These toys are double stitched with a protective edging, extra-strong binding and multiple rows of reinforced stitching making for an extremely durable piece. 
  • Rope toys - Recommended medium to large dogs, the tennis ball rope toy is a guaranteed tool of stress relief for your pet.  

Why Dog Toys are a must

Dogs are playful animals. Just as an individual needs time to unwind and have fun and relaxation, dogs also want a play to keep them emotionally well. Unfortunately, we cannot be there to have fun with our furry friends all the time, but we can always keep them preoccupied with Lux Pet’s designer dog toys.

Leisure time is one of the right ways to bond with your dog. Please browse our selection of branded dog toys and have a fantastic piece that suits all breeds and are made from different styles and colours. These toys will keep your dog entertained, challenged, rewarded and thrilled. We have many toys to interact with your pet and make it feel the most fun and will ensure your dog’s tail wagging all the way.

Lux Pets strive to bring curated handpicked products to the pet owner who wants luxury, style and comfort for their pet charges. Our products are focused on complementing and fitting into your lifestyle choices and home. We bring you the most luxurious and stylish bespoke dog toys with comfort and style. You can browse the displayed dog toys products and look for your preferred style for your furry friend. 

At Lux Pets, we provide you with different styles of toys available for your best friend. Once your order reaches $50, you can take advantage of our free shipping within Australia. Order now and we’ll deliver the products right to your doorstep.