Premium Quality Pet Bathing Supplies & Equipment

Premium Quality Pet Bathing Supplies & Equipment


    It’s in a pet’s nature to be playful, and while we can’t stop them from getting a little dirty from time to time, we can definitely stay on top of their cleanliness to ensure they stay happy and healthy.

    That’s why Lux Pets stocks all your pet bathing essentials, including a wide variety of pet shampoos and sanitising agents that have been specially designed for cats and dogs. These hypoallergenic pet-certified shampoos and conditioners contain an assortment of highly effective ingredients that deeply cleanse and treat your pet’s coat.

    The benefits of investing in high-end pet bathing supplies from Lux Pets:

    • The firm-but-gentle shampoos and conditioners assist with keeping your pets free of germs and ticks, leaving them with a clean and healthy-looking coat (especially when used in conjunction with our sturdy dog brushes).
    • Our shampoos and conditioners immobilize fleas, si... Show More >