Expert-Designed Cat Litter Boxes, Trays & Accessories


    Cleaning cat litter isn’t the most fun part of owning a cat, but unfortunately it’s part of the experience! However, at Lux Pets we focus on supplying cat litter that incorporates clever technologies to make looking after your cat’s hygiene just that little bit easier.

    For example, our mixed cat litter from Petkit consists of 70% tofu and 30% bentonite clay, which reduces the amount of dust that gets kicked up by your cat. It clumps faster than generic cat litter varieties, while efficiently absorbing moisture (and the accompanying odours!) for the perfect indoor solution.

    Exceptionally-well designed cat litter boxes from Pidan ensure your home remains stylish and aesthetically-pleasing, as well as functional – with its spacious and anti-bacterial layout, environmentally-friendly materials and low-tracking, easy-to-clean design. Meanwhile, the Parisian brand’s shovel kit takes all the hassle out of...

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