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    Every cat needs a decent assortment of cat toys to play with. Whether it’s to keep them entertained when nobody is home, or for you to play with them at the end of the day, toys keep our cats active and let them exercise those primal instincts.

    At Lux Pets, we carry a wide range of quality-made cat toys for affordable prices in Australia; from reputable brands like Petstages, Bentopal, Pidan, P.L.A.Y. and more. Our collection includes bat-arounds, cat scratchers, tumblers, teaser wands and countless other fun and silly toys.

    We all know that the best thing about having a cat is playtime. That’s why the Lux Pets team takes time to source the latest and greatest cat toys to help your kitty burn up excess energy and prevent them from getting bored when you’re occupied with other tasks.



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