Barkley And Bella Black Bamboo Tapered Dog Bowl Medium - Black
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Barkley And Bella Black Bamboo Tapered Dog Bowl Medium - Black

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Lux Pets' range of luxury cat bowls is the perfect way to treat your fur baby like royalty. Their durable build, premium materials, and beautiful designs set them apart from all the other flimsy bowls you can buy online.  

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We carry only the best cat bowl brands, including Barkley & Bella, Ricarda M, and Bendo. The Barkley & Bella bowls look ceramic but are 100% pure melamine. The interior of these sleek bowls and saucers replicate the colours of bamboo, marble, and wood. We also offer a wide selection of elevated stainless steel Bendo bowls. You'll be able to choose the colour of both the bowl and the wireframe, the latter of which can be copper, chrome, or black.

High-quality, long-lasting cat bowls

Tired of your cat bowls cracking or chipping after only a few uses? When you buy a cat bowl from Lux Pets, you're getting a bowl that's built to last. Our Barkley & Bella bowls are dishwasher-safe, chip- and shatter-resistant, and come with a food-safe liquid glass coating and a non-slip silicone base. Of course, our other brands share similar qualities, including our incredibly durable, stainless steel Bendo Elevated bowls and our Ricarda M accessories.

Our collection of stainless steel and melamine bowls are also specially designed with your pet's health as the top priority, which is why they're 100% free of human-grade BPA. We're pet lovers ourselves, so we only offer our customers the absolute best!

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If you have any questions about our products or need after-sales support, please don't hesitate to email us at info@luxpets.com.au, call 04 3434 7957, or complete the contact form on our website. Our friendly team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.