Leather Dog Collar - BlackLeather Dog Collar - Black

Leather Dog Collar - Black

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Based on 1 review
From $69.00
Leather Dog Collar - BlueLeather Dog Collar - Blue
Leather Dog Collar - PinkLeather Dog Collar - Pink

Leather Dog Collar - Pink

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review
From $69.00
Leather Dog Leash - BlackLeather Dog Leash - Black

Leather Dog Leash - Black

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review
Leather Dog Leash - BlueLeather Dog Leash - Blue
Leather Dog Leash - PinkLeather Dog Leash - Pink

Leather Dog Leash - Pink

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review
Leather Dog Collar - LilacLeather Dog Collar - Lilac
Leather Dog Collar - SageLeather Dog Collar - Sage
Leather Dog Collar - TaupeLeather Dog Collar - Taupe

Leather Dog Collar - Taupe

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From $44.00
Leather Dog Leash - LilacLeather Dog Leash - Lilac
Leather Dog Leash - SageLeather Dog Leash - Sage
Leather Dog Leash - TaupeLeather Dog Leash - Taupe

Leather Dog Leash - Taupe

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review
Braided Dog Collar - BlackBraided Dog Collar - Black

Treat your dog to a classy pet collar that reflects his or her personality, with our great selection of innovatively engineered pet collars online. As pet owners, taking our dogs for a walk is one of the nicest things we can do for our furry companions – especially when you invest in the right collar.

Whether it’s for training or general everyday use, every pet has unique needs when it comes to comfort and support. Finding a quality-made collar that is good for them as well as good for you is all about paying attention to the size, weight and the way it sits around your animal’s neck.

Different styles cater for different breeds – for example, the greyhound or martingale variety of collars were initially designed specifically to cater for breeds whose necks are wider (or equal in width) than their heads. A flat collar tends to slip off a sighthound’s head fairly easily, so martingales provide that extra peace of mind.

This is why Lux Pets stocks a wide range of reliable pet collars, leashes and harnesses for you to buy at affordable prices – so that your pooch can be comfortable, supported and easily identifiable any time you take them out of the house.

Buy pet collars online at Lux Pets

Once you’ve decided on the perfect design of collar for your pet (if you need help with this, just ask – we can provide expert guidance based on years of experience)… now it’s all about fashion!

Our expansive collection features pet collars in every pattern, colour and material; from rolled leather varieties to prevent matting or catching in longer-haired dogs, to reflective collars that provide extra protection when out in public, and many more. Then there’s our stylish bow-tie leather collars, to let everyone know how special your furry best friend is!

We recommend nylon leashes for puppies, as they are generally lighter and more expandable, allowing more “give” for young pups who are still being trained. So long as the handle is stitched and braided with care (which all of our quality-made nylon leashes are), these leashes are ideally suited to puppies.

About Lux Pets

We are a family owned business in Victoria’s Yarra Valley wine region. Our wealth of expertise breeding and showing dogs and Arabian horses (as well as owning a lot of pets!) has equipped us with a sound knowledge of how to cater for an animal’s needs.

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If you like our pet collars, why not explore our great range of dog toys, cat bowls, grooming products, ID tags and other exceptional pet supplies?

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