Shopping for a new cat collar - key features to keep in mind

Shopping for a new cat collar - key features to keep in mind

On top of the overall look, there are a couple of things that are wise to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new collar. These include the durability and comfort, which ensure it lasts and is something your cat doesn’t mind wearing and the safety aspects.

Key Feature 1: Durability and Comfort

No one wants to have to buy new collars every few months, so it’s important to get something that is going to be durable. One aspect of this to keep in mind is how often your cat need to scratch itches in their neck area. The scraping of claws against the collar can cause nylon collars to fray more quickly. Getting a more durable collar such as Lux Pets Leather Cat Collars and ensuring your cat is well-treated for fleas and other parasites can go a long way.

You’ll also want to get something that won’t be uncomfortable on your cat. That means it needs to be well fitted but not too tight against their neck. The material should also be soft enough to not be irritating to them. It’s a good idea to get something that can stretch or adjust if your cat is younger and still growing.

This is the most important aspect to consider while shopping for a collar. There are a lot of collars made with buckle designs and while these might sometimes look better, they can be dangerous for cats. Cats like to adventure, and in the process their collar can sometimes get caught on things like branches, knobs, fences, and other things.

If your cat isn’t able to escape, this can be a deadly problem. It’s much less inconvenient for you to have to buy a new collar rather than lose your beloved pet. Because of that, breakaway collars are highly recommended.

In some cases, a non-breakaway option can be okay if your cat is often supervised. This is something you will have to consider for your unique situation as you look for the ideal collar.



Cat Collar F.A.Q.

Do I need a breakaway style collar?

On the most basic level, if your cat will be going outside or spending a lot of time at home without supervision, then a breakaway collar is highly recommended. Otherwise, just make sure to keep an eye on your cat in case the collar gets stuck on anything so that you can help them out of the situation. In most cases, it’s better to get a breakaway collar than to risk a situation where your cat could be choked.

How do I know what size to get?

The easiest way to know is to measure around your cat’s neck. You can do this easily by taking a piece of string and carefully placing it around the neck. Make sure when you do this that the string isn’t too tight, just resting against the skin.

Then, mark or cut the string until it is the perfect length to fit comfortably and measure it against a measuring tape or ruler. This will give you an idea of what size the collar needs to be. If you have a kitten who is still growing, it may be a good idea to get something that can easily adjust to larger sizes.

What if my cat isn’t used to wearing a collar?

It can take some cats a little time to get used to the feeling of wearing a collar. This is especially true if the collar has a bell on it. If this is your pet’s first time wearing one, make sure to keep them inside while they get used to it.

In most cases, the cat will seem distracted by the collar for a few minutes, but within a couple of hours will get used to it and calm down. If you want to help speed the process along you can offer them treats or try to take their mind off it by playing with them.

How do I know if the collar is too tight?

It’s important to make a habit of checking the collar regularly to make sure it’s fitting well. You should be able to fit your finger into the collar without it becoming too tight on your cat’s neck. If you aren’t sure then it is always better for the collar to be a little too loose rather than too tight. Over time, you’ll be able to make small adjustments to ensure it has the ideal fit.

Do I really need a collar if my cat is micro-chipped?

The short answer to this is yes. If you have an indoor cat and they get outside, people aren’t going to know that your cat is micro-chipped just by looking at them. In these cases, they will be likely to think your cat is just a stray and leave them alone.

However, a collar marks your cat as owned. This can help people to see that it isn’t just a stray running around and can make it easier for your cat to be returned. People who find cats with a collar will be more likely to use the information on it or take them to get checked for a microchip.


Overall, a collar is a great thing to have for your cat whether they are indoor, outdoor or both. They are a great way to help lost cats get found and just let people outside know that your cat is a pet rather than a stray.

Depending on your cat and budget, the options in this list are great for a number of different situations and needs, including those who simply want their cat to be seen while they’re out at night. Many are also lower-cost, helping you to find the perfect solution without break

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