Dog Conditioner


    Keep Your Dog's Coat Soft & Shiny With Our Dog Conditioner

    Dog conditioners are an essential part of your dog's overall grooming routine as it helps to keep your dog's coat soft, shiny and healthy. When used in tandem with our high quality dog shampoos, our conditioners can provide even better results.

    We offer a range of dog conditioners designed to work closely with our dog shampoos. Our conditioners are made from all natural ingredients and they are free from any harsh chemicals, making them gentle and safe for your dog's coat.

    Using a dog conditioner after shampooing helps to keep your dog's coat completely hydrated and moisturised. It also helps to prevent your dog's coat from tangling and matting - making brushing and grooming easier. Our dog conditioners are suitable for all types of dog breeds and any type of coat.

    At Lux Pets, we believe that regular grooming is essential in ...

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