Understanding your cat's secret codes and signals

Understanding your cat’s secret codes and signals - Signs your cat likes you

Cats communicate in their own special language. They can’t tell us how they’re feeling, so instead they show us. From long looks with slow blinks to loud purrs or kneading your knees, your cat has special ways to show you it cares. If you can learn your cat’s own special language, you’ll be able to tune into how your cat is feeling — you might also be a bit surprised!
  • Bringing you a little present
    While a dead mouse dropped at your feet might not seem like a special gift, animal behaviorists say that in cat talk,it’s the very best present ever. Your cat is sharing its prey with you. Even very well-fed cats still have the desire to hunt — and they might bring it back to play with or to share with the family.
  • Head-butting you
    If your frisky feline bumps your head with its own, it’s telling you it thinks you are pretty special. It’s a sign your cat thinks of you as family and is transferring its scent onto you. They have a lot of different pheromones — which are species-specific chemicals or perfume — so when your cat head-butts you, it’s a care-giving gesture. He’s saying he loves you.
  • Wagging its tail
    Unlike dogs, which can wag their tails to show they’re feeling pretty chilled, cats can wag their tail for completely different reasons. It can be a sign of conflict, frustration or agitation,  according to animal behavourists. The way a cat carries its tail also lets you know how it is feeling. A tail held straight out behind means the cat is on its way somewhere, and a greeting tail is straight up with a slight hook in it. Of course, there are many other reasons why a cat can wag its tail, including in play.
  • A cat stare
    If you don’t know a cat well and it stares at you, it’s a polite way for the cat to say it wants you to move away. However, if you’re the cat’s family and it’s staring, it’s letting you know it wants some attention.
  • Meowing
    Cats rarely meow at each other — it’s humans they talk to by meowing. Most people respond to a meow by topping up a cat’s kibble (and that’s why there is a cat obesity epidemic!), but your cat could be telling you something else (it might be meowing at the same time as doing one of the other behaviours we’ve talked about).

If your Cat seems agitated often, consider playing with it, or taking it to the vet, health problems could be causing your cat's behavioural issues. 

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